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Bang Bang Chilli Co is a small batch BBQ Rub and Chilli sauce company Australian owned and operated
Bang Bang Chilli Co is a small batch BBQ Rub and Chilli sauce company Australian owned and operated

What is Carolina Reaper Powder & why it is used

Carolina Reaper Peppers are a small to medium-sized pepper with a luminous red appearance. They generally feature a tail that resembles the stinger of a wasp. The inward flesh is orange to white.


The most pungent (spiciest) part of the pepper is in the inner top part of the peppers, especially around the seeds. When trying a raw Carolina Reaper, it is always best, to begin with, the bottom of the pepper near the tail by trying just a tiny sliver to obtain an impression of just how hot the pepper is.


The history behind Carolina Reaper Powder:

The Carolina Reaper is a mixture between a red Ghost Pepper and the Red Habanero, two peppers that are both hot in their own right, even though neither one gives rise to the World’s Hottest Peppers List currently. This pepper was artificially developed, although it is not genetically modified. True to its name, the Carolina Reaper was produced in South Carolina, but it was first named as the HP22B. Ed Currie is the man behind the introductory Carolina Reaper.

Growing seasons:

Usually, Carolina Reaper Powder grows from late February till late November.


Nutritional value of Carolina Reaper Powder:

Chile peppers include a considerable amount of vitamin C. Almost twice the number of citrus fruits.


Carolina Reaper Powder also used for what?

Mostly Carolina Reaper Powder is served with Mexican Dishes and Chicken peri.

They are also used in pepper eating contests and food eating challenges. Many restaurants host a pepper eating contest each year. Most people are incapable to even get to the Carolina Reaper and bow out on Ghost Peppers and Scorpion Peppers.


Why should we buy Carolina powder over the flakes?

People prefer powder over the flakes or whole peppers because it gets dissolved easily and provides more constant heat level throughout the dish.

The powder is a mixture of thousands of Carolina Reaper peppers. The heat level will be the normal heat level of those peppers. This allows us to provide you with a more consistent product for use in recipes. While the heat level will differ from crop to crop, the difference will be less apparent compared to buying the whole peppers where heat differences between every single pepper will be much more significant. 

Cheaper to ship correlated to whole peppers. The quantity of powder is much less than the number of whole peppers and flakes.

How to use Carolina Reaper Powder?

The Carolina Reaper has a sweet, fruity taste. When you first taste into one of these peppers (if you’re brave enough to do so), you’ll taste these flavors before the spiciness. Some people detect clues of cinnamon and even chocolate. When the fruity flavor enacts, you’ll start to feel the severe burn that only the Carolina Reaper can provide. Carolina Reapers also make great pepper flakes and are the exact ingredient for dry rubs on BBQ meats. But remember always to be cautious when you’re cooking with hot peppers